Shade Ports (HDPE)

Cape Shade CPT specialize in High Density Polyethylene (Shadecloth) Structures.
Cape Shade CPT has 3 International wind ratings:

1. Classic – 120 km/h
2. Super – 180 km/h
3. Ultra – 240 km/h

Each structure is has a mild steel frame with a galvanized finish. The membranes are made from either shadecloth or Rainblock (waterproof).

  • Enviorport

    each structure has two post front and two posts back

  • Full Cantilever

    No columns in front of structure to allow for ease of entry and exit.
    The membrane can be either shadecloth or Rainblock (waterproof)

  • Weatherport

    Waterproof membranes both Four Post and Full Cantilever Systems

  • Snowport

    Up to 120 km/h of wind and 5 inches of snow

  • Quick Release Membrane

    ReFor cyclonic areas where it is imperative that the membranes can be removed quickly and easily.

  • Enviroarch

    Ideal for school seating areas and for security huts

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