Covered walkways are one of the most overlooked, but practical and important architectural and design elements there is. With a multitude of purposes, a covered walkway can both protect us and our property from the elements but also enhance shop fronts and entrances. We use walkways every day to transition, to wait in line and even to window shop and that experience is often determined by how protected we feel whether it be from the sun, the wind or the rain.

Cape Shade Cpt have designed, supplied and installed many different Covered Walkways, all designed to the specific practical and aesthetic requirements our clients require to improve their establishments functionality. Some of these applications are:

  • Covered walkways at Schools
  • Cost effective extensions Shop fronts
  • Entrances to buildings
  • Old age homes connecting buildings
  • Airport walkways and waiting areas
  • Covered walkways for public queuing

Cape Shade Cpt offer a wide variety of Modular and Custom Structures, specifically designed to create the perfect solution for your Covered Walkway requirements. Our Fabric Covered designs come in various Shapes and Profiles, all designed to create the specific look and feel you desire. Our structures can be fixed to existing buildings or stand alone, creating the perfect walkway covering with designs including:

  • Arch and Barrel Structures
  • Fabric Pergolas
  • Wave structures
  • Rampant arches
  • Freeform custom Stretch

Cape Shade Cpt utilize a wide variety of materials, depending on your requirements and budget. Materials we specialize in, include:

  • Knittex Z25 Shade only
  • Knittex DriZ Water Proof Shade cloth
  • Serge Ferrari PVC and Soltis Mesh
  • Ripstop
  • Local PVC
  • Sioen
  • Sunworker
  • B1 Architectural Stretch Fabric
  • Zinc Aluminium

We look forward to assisting you with you Covered Walkway requires.