As South Africa, comes to terms with the impact that Covid 19 has had on all of our lives, we now need to find a way to get back to work. The government has set out their guidelines for their gazetted COVID-19 Risk adjusted Strategy. We have found cost effective, quality solutions, to assist you in fulfilling your obligations to keeping staff, clients and yourselves safe.

Cape Shade Cpt have worked on finding ways to both repurpose existing structures, as well as adding new products, to assist you in your protection strategy:
Social distancing
Personal protection

All staff and patrons will need to be screened on arrival at your place of business. This should preferably be completed before they enter the building. We offer various Water Resistant Screening Structures that can be installed in existing parking areas. These structures can be fitted with full perimeter siding and internal screens. These internal screening areas, double as temporary isolation areas, during the screening process.

Social Distancing:
Our Covered Social Distancing Walkways, for shops, office blocks and factories, that have larger compliments of people requiring screening are designed to be fully customisable to your environment.

Personal Protection:
To keep yourself and staff safe while at work, we offer both Soft PVC Screens and Hard Flexiglass Screens that can be easily sanitized. These screens can be suspended from existing ceilings, fitted to edge of desks or be Free Standing between work areas or on top of reception desks.

When entering or exiting a shop, factory, office, home or school, we must all be sanitizing our hands. We offer both a wall mounted and Stand-alone, Foot Operated Sanitizer dispenser made of 304 Stainless Steel to minimize the risk of transmission. Our units include the 1 litre plastic refillable pump action bottle and hardware to mount to wall or stand.

Our Sanitization Tunnel solutions are available in two sizes: 3000mm x 1400mm and 6000mm x 2800mm, The smaller of the two has a removable base for indoor use. The larger is a wind rated tunnel, special designed to prevent the fog from being displaced by the wind. Both units are fitted with 15 nozzles and plus a motorised pump to provide the optimum sanitizing fog.