Customised Shadeports

Cape Shade CPT has developed a wide range of modular systems to best compliment your aesthetic and functional requirements. We specialize in providing structures for a wide variety of industries and applications. All our structures use mild steel and are covered with patterned High Density Polyethylene membranes.

Further to the technology we have developed in the Tensile Membrane Industry we are able to stretch the boundaries of Shadeport design. Our in-house engineers and specialized design teams are able to assist you in converting ideas into tangible structures.

Cape Shade CPT structures are wind rated to cope with your specific authority requirements.

Cape Shade CPT has permitting for structures in:

Florida, USA – ASE 91 – 150 mph
North Carolina, USA – ASE 95 – 145 mph
Australia, 160 km/h
Germany, 144 km/h and 4 foot of snow
Other parts of the world

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